Simona is a researcher/assistant professor (University of Turin).
National Scientific Authorization for Associate Professor (2013) – Abilitazione scientifica nazionale
PhD in Anthropology (2005)
Major in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (2009)  
MA in Psychology (1996)

Field-works and focal points of my researches
Her researches were conducted during her Master in Psychology (Turin, 1996), PhD in Anthropological Sciences (Turin, 2005), and during the Postgraduate School in Psychoanalytic Training (Milan, 2009). She is a Researcher and Assistant Professor since 2007, and member in the Research Team of several Ethnographic Missions in West and Sub-Saharan Africa. Main focus of her researches is medical and psychological anthropology: 1. Migration, Health, and Violence (particularly Nigerian Diaspora); 2. the Transformations of Health System in Sub-Saharan Africa (my fieldworks are in Cameroon, Mali, Uganda and Mozambique); 3. Migrant and Refugee families and the politics of childhood (Italy). At the moment is a researcher in two Team: Ethnographic Missions in Sub-Saharan Africa (University of Turin, Italy) and “Integra” Project (University of Eduardo Mondlane, Centro de Estudos Africanos, Maputo, Mozambique).

Major Grants (2014-2015)
Have won as Principal Investigator two European Project (F.E.I – European Integration Funds – Home Office) for the integration of immigrant population in host country: “The reverse of migration. A comparative analysis of protection and health right” (University of Turin, April, 1 2014-June, 30 2015, Fund: € 174.839,60); and “S.p.a.c.e.s. Between. Services for the social, educational and clinician treatment” (Frantz Fanon Association, April 8 2014-June 30 2014, Fund: € 168.593,55). Had coordinated two Team with several researchers and professionals involved. 

In 2014-2015 was also Principal Investigator of the Project “Contested Childhood: Children and the Politics of Culture”. I have coordinated a Research Team composed by 4 researchers (2 Post-Doc and 2 Phd students) involved in differents fieldworks (Togo, Ecuador, Colombia and Italy).